Nehemie is Chrismate’s sister and a recent edition to our family. She has been helping her sister cut and macramé sheepskin for years and when a position opened up in March of 2015, she was our most skilled applicant. Simply put, she is a BOSS. Always calm in conflict, respectful towards all humans, and a quiet leader. Nehemie gives wisdom and support to many in the community as they start businesses, raise families, and deal with the many struggles of Haitian life!

“I love working with Haiti’s Jewels, not only do I create beauty in Haiti, but I have so much freedom with a steady job. My husband and I are now co-owners of everything and we equally share household responsibilities/bills. I feel so proud to contribute to our family’s economic development! I am a recognized Haitian Artist, which is one of the most respected talents. I get to show the world the beauty of my country, which is something to be truly proud of. When people think of Haiti they think of poverty but I see opportunity. My heart is excited to work with Haiti’s Jewels long term — the team is like a family! Thanks to everyone who supports this social business movement!”


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Hand shaped 100% post consumer recycled aluminum bangle, wrapped with red Haitian goat leather.


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